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Espresso Drinks

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Café Latte

Dark roast espresso topped with steamed milk


Espresso, steamed milk and a silky layer of foam

Café Mocha

Steamed rich chocolate milk with espresso


Creamy steamed half & half combined with espresso


Dark roast espresso with hot water: European style coffee

House Specialty

Snowy Mocha

Ghirardelli white chocolate powder, espresso and steamed milk

Vanilla Mocha

Steamed chocolate milk, espresso and premium vanilla syrup

Caramel Mocha

Rich chocolate milk, caramel syrup and dark roast espresso

Mexi Mocha

Classic Mexican chocolate powder, espresso and steamed chocolate milk

Caramel Hazelnut Mocha

Marriage of caramel & hazelnut, steamed chocolate milk and deep espresso

Irish Cream Breve

Irish cream syrup, rich espresso and frothy half & half

Salted Caramel

Balance of salted caramel, espresso and steamed white or chocolate milk

Chocolate Mac Breve

Sweet chocolate Macadamia Nut syrup, espresso and steamed half & half

Pumpkin Pie Latte

Pumpkin sauce, steamed milk and espresso


Frozen Favorites


Frozen espresso blended to creamy perfection

Fruit Smoothies

Blended real fruit with no preservatives or artificial flavors

Chocoate or Vanilla Smoothie

Rich chocolate or creamy vanilla blended with shaved ice

Chai or Mate Smoothie

Tea and spices blended into a refreshing smoothie

Green Tea Smoothie

A smooth blend of sweet green tea and cream

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Creamy spiced pumpkin smoothie with pumpkin drizzled sauce

Java Chip

Blended smoothie or Granita with Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips

Acai Smoothie

Smooth, refreshing & great source of antioxidants

Low Carb

Granita blended with espresso & Vanilla or Mocha low carb powder

Rockstar Smoothie

Rockstar Energy Drink blended with ice or infused with flavor



Fresh Brewed Coffee

Award winning coffee ground daily and brewed fresh

Hot or Iced Tea

Proudly serving Artisan whole-leaf Steven Smith Teamaker teas

Flavor Infused Iced Tea

Exceptional Black or Fez Green iced tea steeped fresh w/ balanced flavors

Tea Latte

Crafted half premium tea and half steamed milk

Ice Tea Lemonade

Refreshing lemonade added to our exceptional tea blends

Café Au Lait

Dark roast coffee and creamy steamed milk

Chai or Mate Latte

Tea and spices served steaming hot or over ice

Fountain Drinks

Fizzy soda classics: Offered at most locations

H2B Bottled Water

Signature brand of purified bottled water

Little Beans - Kids Menu

Fruit Smoothie

Blended real fruit with no preservatives or artificial flavors

Flavored Steamer

Steamed milk flavored with premium syrups

Hot Chocolate

Rich & famous hot chocolate topped with whipped cream

Italian Soda

Soda water and sweet flavored syrups: add cream for a creamosa

Apple Cider

Sweet apple with other seasonal spices: Offered at most locations

To Go Box

Freshly Brewed Coffee, Hot Chocolate, any Espresso Drink or House Specialty

  • Beverages stay hot up to 3 hours. Cups, lids, creamer, sweetener and stir sticks included.
  • Holds up to:
    • 16 - 8oz cups
    • 10 - 12oz cups
    •   8 - 16oz cups

Dairy-free alternatives available: Soy, Almond and Coconut milk
Sugar-free or Fat-free substitutes available for most beverages