2011 Walk for Water Fundraising Event

The 2011 Walk for Water fundraising event, allowed the completion of a four-part water well construction project. In conjunction with the non-profit Water for All, and with the help of the Malawian government, four schools were selected as areas with the greatest need. Using funding provided by the co-sponsored event, clean water wells were constructed, sun powered pumps were installed, and water storage tanks erected. The tanks not only dispense the water, but also provide signage that includes notices on proper hygiene for the benefit of the young people using the systems. The 4 wells constructed Southern Malawi is briefly described below:

#1 – The Chimbewa School has a population is 594 students. In a community of approximately 1,500, the students, faculty, and the surrounding residences are greatly benefited by the addition of this well.

#2 – The Goliati School is a larger school with 2,280 students and 22 staff members. Including the school and surrounding community, 5,047 people are benefiting from the clean water provided by this well.

#3 – Lomola School serves 1,963 students and has a staff of 27. 2,500 people are estimated to be served by the addition of this water system.

#4 – Mwitere School serves 1,084 students and has a staff of 13. With a large community nearby, this water project benefits about 3000 people.

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