5 Drinks to Make Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions

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When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, The Human Bean baristas are experts in pairing your favorite beverages with your fresh 2022 goals. Seriously, just ask! If you’re reshaping your habits for the better in the months ahead, The Human Bean is here with drinks and recommendations to help you taste sweet success along the way.


Here are our top five drink recommendations to help you meet your goals in 2022 and beyond. Our favorite resolution motto: try adding instead of subtracting! What will you add to your life in the New Year? More activity, more hobbies, more vacations, more flavor, more self-care? We’d love to hear about all the ways you’re driven to be a great #HumanBean!


Green Tea Smoothie drinkMatcha
for health

If you’re like most resolution-makers in the U.S., your top to-dos have to do with better health. Whether you’re ready to try a new sport, add more nutrition to your day, or focus on hydration, we’ve got the beverage to help you get your health in the green! Matcha Tea is high in antioxidants and energy-boosting compounds that will get you ready to tackle the day (or your weekly co-ed soccer practice). Matcha has a bright, earthy taste that makes it a great substitute for espresso in your latte, or an added bonus to your favorite smoothie! 


Energy Drink
for productivity

Have a quick-turnaround deadline coming up? How about a long road trip to a new destination on your bucket list? Let an energy drink from The Human Bean star in your next adventure with a variety of additional syrups (regular and sugar free) that can be mixed in to make your favorite seasonal combinations! Channel your next beach vacation with the “Aloha” (blended with coconut, passion fruit and guava), or join the masses and opt for The Human Bean customer-favorite Pomegranate as your next add-in flavor.


human bean smoothies new year's resolutionsReal Fruit Smoothies
for time with kids

Kids love making memories over their favorite beverages, too! At The Human Bean, we know how important it is to keep flavor and cost top-of-mind for our youngest sippers. Our smoothies are packed with real-fruit nutrition (no additives or preservatives), and priced for the whole family to enjoy. Grab your favorite flavors on the way to the park, camp, hiking trails, or as an after-school treat.


London Fog
for trying new things

How about adding new flavors to your year? Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Our London Fog is a smooth, comforting blend of Smith Earl Gray Tea, steamed milk, and a splash of vanilla syrup. Think of it as a sweet and flavorful “tea latte.” We think this drink is perfect for chilly mornings, winter road trips, or heading out into the snow. A few sips, and this “foggy” drink will lift your spirits!


Smith Teas
for self care

Smith Teamaker teas are based out of Portland, Oregon and we’ll tell you from lots of tea-sipping experience — they’re true to their promise of blending “craft with creativity and uncompromising good taste.” Look to new twists on your favorite whole-leaf flavors (like Lord Bergamot) or try a different blend like Meadow, Big Hibiscus or Peppermint Leaves. Level-up your self care routine with a cup of body-warming goodness, or try our iced Mediterranean Mint Green Tea version (with your added flavor of choice) to hydrate on the go!


What are your 2022 resolutions?

Whether you’re motivated to spend more time on your health or more time chasing new experiences this year, we’re here to support your journey. You’ll find The Human Bean baristas ready to make recommendations based on your goals, mood, and favorite flavors in the months ahead. Ask about Keto drinks, plant-based options, sugar-free choices and more. We thrive on helping our customers feel good about enjoying the drinks they love — it’s our New Year’s resolution to keep fueling happy people the best way we know how!


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