5 Ways to Make Your Daily Coffee More Eco-Friendly

Published on April 14, 2022 | by The Human Bean | in , | 2 Comments

Human Bean Plastic Free Options - A waterfall going over a body of waterApril is Earth Month, when we annually start brewing up The Human Bean’s Earth Day fundraiser! Each year, we celebrate this extra special occasion to take care of human beings and the planet. This April 22nd, we’re planting a tree for every drink purchased company-wide through our partnership with Trees for the Future. Our goal is 70,000 drinks and 70,000 trees!

But our vision doesn’t start and end in April. Year round, we aim to take something as simple as treating yourself to a hand-crafted drink, and turn it into something meaningful for the environment, too. From sourcing beans direct from farms using sustainable practices, to opting for strawless lids on our cups, we’re taking eco-friendly measures guided by our values of quality, community, and sustainability.

We’re here to brighten your day and change the world, one cup of coffee at a time! Here are some ways you can be a part of change for the better, too — this April and throughout the year. 

Pack along a reusable cup

We’re big fans of reusable coffee cups and mugs — they don’t contribute to landfill crowding, and they make you feel right at home! Any time you pull up to a Human Bean drive-thru, our baristas are happy to fill your ceramic, glass, stainless steel, or plastic tumbler with your favorite hot or cold beverage. Packing a cup along takes just a minute as you’re heading out the door.

Need a reusable cup that fits your cup holder just perfectly? Check out all our Human Bean drinkware options through our online store, or pick one up on your next visit!

eco-friendly coffee mug human beanOpt for reusable straws or strawless lids

Because of their small weight and size, plastic straws are extra prone to making their way into waterways, like our rivers and oceans. So we’ve moved to a new model at The Human Bean: offering specially-designed lids for smoothies, iced drinks, and blended drinks that can be used with or without straws. If you’re a big straw fan (we get it!), there are reusable options out there, too. Have you tried our stainless steel straws? They come in a variety of great colors, and each is paired with an easy-to-use cleaner. 

Compost your coffee grounds at home

You know what your garden loves? Coffee grounds! Instead of tossing your at-home grounds, you can use them to supercharge your compost bin with nitrogen — one of the main building blocks of healthy soil. You can mix them right in with your other compostable materials, or simply sprinkle a small amount of wet grounds directly to the base of your plants. Your garden will be happy for the extra organic matter, and you’ll be helping to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in local landfills. 

Give to a coffee-centered nonprofit

trees for futureIf you truly love the coffee community like we do, donating your philanthropic dollars to coffee-centered nonprofits is a great way to make a meaningful impact! Trees for the Future is a favorite of ours that believes in the power of planting trees to promote sustainable farming and biodiversity. They’re training farmers around the world to regenerate and protect their land, and we’re donating to their reforestation efforts on Earth Day 2022. Visit Trees.org to learn more and give in any amount (it only costs $0.25 to plant one tree through the program). And don’t forget to visit us on Friday, April 22nd to donate with your drink purchase! 

Choose direct trade coffee 

Eco-friendly coffee program Farm Friendly DirectAt The Human Bean, we created our Farm Friendly Direct program to build relationships with farmers and communities as far away as Guatemala, El Salvador, and East Africa. From our first project in 1999, it was clear that we could positively impact farming communities while assuring long-standing relationships with some of the best coffee producers in the world. So while it may not seem like it when you are sipping a delicious white chocolate mocha, your purchase helps directly support eco-friendly community projects (like planting shade trees or constructing deep solar water wells) all over the world. 


Coffee means the world to us

And we have a deep commitment to protecting the world in which it’s grown, brewed, and enjoyed. We hope you’ll join us in giving to Trees for the Future by purchasing a drink at any Human Bean drive-thru this Earth Day — let’s plant 70,000 trees together! And we also invite you to share your own ideas for eco-friendly coffee-living with us on Facebook and Instagram. Together, we can all be Kind Human Beans to one another and the planet.

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  1. Donna Buta says

    Are your beans organic? I think that is one of the best things we can do for the earth and ourselves, thankyou

    • Jackie McGrath says

      We do have organic varieties available on our website. We work closely with the farmers who grow our coffee to ensure we are supplied with our best beans. In some instances, certifying the farm organic is cost-prohibitive in some areas. We do make sure every bean we select is as close to organic as possible and the farmers are using safe and sustainable methods of farming.
      We appreciate you taking the time to reach out and ask us.
      Thank you,
      Jackie McGrath
      Brand Marketing Director
      The Human Bean

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