Guest Barista Day Raises Money for CARE Organization

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On April 20, 2016 The Human Bean presented CARE Housing with a check for $375 after hosting a Guest Barista Day in late-March at the North College stand. CARE Housing advocates for and provides affordable housing to low-income working families, elderly individuals, and those with disabilities. They aim to strengthen and empower families to build a better community by offering supportive services to them.

Morgan Krueger, Resident Services Manager, and Danielle Gauron, CSU Social Work Intern for CARE Housing, accept the check on behalf of CARE after serving as Guest Baristas on March 31.

Customers were also asked to bring in books, backpacks, flash cards, educational games and general school supplies to donate to CARE’s after school program. This program is a partnership with Rocky Mountain High School in which any CARE resident in 1st through 12th grade and RMHS students can attend to work on homework, read, or have a quiet, safe place to be after school. Each afternoon students are given snacks and the appropriate school supplies needed to complete their homework.

For more information on CARE, visit their website at source tracking