Back to School with The Human Bean

Back to School with the Human Bean makes everything better!  It’s that time of year when summer is coming to an end and days are getting shorter.  Plus we all need to get back to school and our routines.  The Human Bean can  help with that in many ways!  We love to be the smiling friendly face that greets you on your way to school, at lunch or as an after school treat too!  Here are some of the ways you can get Back to School with the Human Bean!

Morning Commute

Mornings can be tough when school starts up again.  It can be a hassle to get lunches packed, kids dressed and everyone out the door in time too.  The Human Bean is open early and waiting for you with some caffeinated relief every morning!  And we’re quick as well!  So you have time to stop with just minutes to spare!

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ReCharge Cards for College Kids

We have lots of parents who like to give their college kids who are away at school a special Human Bean treat!  Something to help them power through their school week and exams.  You can buy a gift card and preload any amount on to it for kids to use at our locations across the country!  Many parents recharge amounts on to these cards on a regular basis all school year long.  You can do this online or over the phone.  This can be a great gift or just a special way to let your big kids know you are thinking of them always.

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Little Beans

And then there are those kids that are just not old enough for school yet.  They may be hanging out with their parents for the day and would love a special trip through the Human Bean Drive Thru for a Little Bean smoothie, steamer or not-so-hot chocolate.  We have something for every kid of every age!

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