Blood Bus Donation

Published on August 21, 2018 | by FrankSherman | in | Comments Off on Blood Bus Donation

The Human Bean of Northern Colorado had the pleasure once again to host the UC Health Blood Bus at our North College location on June 14th 2018. This date marks the “World Blood Donor Day,” drawing attention to this constant need in all communities world wide. 9 donors showed up that morning to offer their time and blood to those in their local northern Colorado community that will find themselves in need in the days and weeks to come. We also hosted the charismatic and devoted Blood Donor Recruiter from the Garth Englund Blood Center, Charles Kaine. Through this guest barista day we also raised $300 for the local center. 

The event at North College did not only provide a stop for the Blood Bus, but was also a Guest Barista Fundraiser where 10% of sales were donated back to the Garth England Blood Center. The Garth England Blood Bank was created by a local lead pathologist (Garth England) in the early 80’s after he witnessed the death of a man who was in an accident at Horsetooth and would have likely survived if there was a more local source of blood. At the time the nearest blood center was Denver; and that is simply too far away when time is everything – for this man and many others.

When Garth broached the subject of a local blood bank, the community rallied behind him in support of this development and have made this endeavor possible ever since. The blood that is collected through the center strictly stays in northern Colorado to serve our community members in their time of need. To date, the center has collected more than 250,000 units of blood.

In the photo, left to right: Larisa Maristany, Supervisor for Garth Englund, Charles Kaine Blood Donor Recruiter, Erica Siemers, Executive Director for the PVH and MCR Foundation.

Check out the link below for more information and how you can support the center!—fort-collins/ source tracking