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What’s the Big Deal about Single Origin Coffee Anyhow?

In 2003, your coffee purchases helped us fund the purchase of construction supplies used in building a primary school in the Kinjibi Tribe in Papua New Guinea. The school serves children of workers at the Madan Estate coffee farm. To help educate adults, we helped finance a women’s literacy program also on the Madan Estate.

In partnership with a Pacific Northwest wholesale roaster, we funded construction supplies for the Kinjibi Tribe in Papua New Guinea. These supplies were provided to build a primary school. The school’s primary students are the children of workers at the Madan Estate, a longtime Human Bean supplier.

To help educate adults, we financed a women’s literacy program and in collaboration with our customers, we supported a book drive to acquire books for the workers in the community.

Papua New Guinea is a very large developing country in the South Pacific region. Yet it experiences challenges with economic growth and education for adults. Literacy rates are 64% for adult men and 59% for women. These programs are developed to assist these communities by enhancing the quality of life and increase individual confidence.

Franchise Opportunities

We expect additional growth through approved franchisees throughout the nation. Moving forward, the brand will stay true to the successful operations on which The Human Bean was founded. With exceptional products, attractive and efficient facilities and an exceptionally trained and qualified team, we have the tools needed to be the consumers’ brand of choice. source tracking