Colorado Kitty Coalition Guest Barista Day

Published on January 18, 2020 | by FrankSherman | in | Comments Off on Colorado Kitty Coalition Guest Barista Day

This month’s Guest Barista Day with Colorado Kitty Coalition comes to us thanks to one of our managers and her staff of “cat people.” The Human Bean has partnered with local dog rescues over the years, and this left her and her staff wondering, “Where is the cat love?!” Well, we couldn’t agree more and thus got in touch with Arika from Colorado Kitty Coalition. 

More about Colorado Kitty Coalition: “Colorado Kitty Coalition is a PACFA licensed, non-profit kitten rescue based in Northern Colorado. We are completely foster-based, meaning we do not have a facility we adopt out of & instead socialize all of our kittens/cats in homes rather than cages before adoption. We rescue from kill-shelters in WY & Louisiana and also take in strays and surrenders here in Colorado. We have found homes for over 150 kittens/cats in 2019, doubling our numbers from last year. The number of fosters we have ultimately decides how many kitties we can save, so the more fosters the better!” 

Join us for this special Guest Barista Day with Colorado Kitty Coalition and all of our “cat people” on Thursday January 23 at our Crossroads Loveland location. 10% of purchases made all day will go back to Colorado Kitty Coalition and Arika will be with us from 9am-11am talking about the rescue and how to foster or adopt kittens and cats that need a loving forever home. source tracking