Customer Service on the Fly: Making a Lasting Impression in 60 Seconds

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Customer Service Human Bean Photo Handing Cup“The Baristas are always friendly and always get my order right.” – Robert S.


“They know me by name and are always so friendly and the service time is AMAZING!” – Heather A.


“I cannot say enough good things about this place and their staff … So wonderful and caring, all of them:) Always a smile and a warm greeting.” – Anna Lisa S.


At The Human Bean, we’ve developed a reputation — the good kind! We’re proud that our baristas get rave reviews from their customers, many of whom become regulars and even friends. This is even more remarkable because we usually don’t have long to make friends — the time it takes to say hello, take an order, whip up a drink or snack, and say farewell. 


So how do our baristas make big impressions in such a small amount of time? If you ask our trainers and managers (and baristas themselves!) it comes down to being a genuinely “Kind Human Bean.”


How The Human Bean Baristas Make Lasting Impressions with Quick Customer Service


Asking questions 

Whether it’s about coffee or the cute dog in the backseat, our baristas are asking questions and starting conversations — even 60-second ones. When someone pulls into a Human Bean drive-thru, we bet they’ll be met with a smile and a “How’s your day?” If a visitor can’t decide on a drink, they’ll be asked about their preferences and get a recommendation, too. Give it a try! Our baristas are asking, listening, engaging, and getting to know their customers because it’s a perk of the job — meeting new people and being social!


Making recommendations

Have you ever gone somewhere for the first time and wanted help figuring out where to even start? We love having variety on our menu, but we also know it means there’s a lot to choose from! Our baristas are like menu sherpas, with recommendations for drinks and snacks that etch their way into our customers’ memories. It’s like the game “20 Questions” — Hot or cold? Iced or blended? Fruity and chocolatey? Coffee or no coffee? We’ve got our methods for finding the perfect drink for every person and every occasion. Feeling hungry? The Human Bean baristas are excellent food-pairing guides, too. (P.S. The biscotti goes great with a Caramel Mocha!)


Celebrating with customers

We love that our customers come by for their special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays (even new babies and first dates!). The Human Bean baristas are thrilled to celebrate, too — asking questions, slinging high-fives, or even delighting customers with an unexpected surprise. We’re all honored to be part of our customers’ special memories!


Human Bean customer service holding a plastic cup Making everyone feel like a regular

We dream of The Human Bean being like Cheers, where everyone knows your name (#90sthrowback). We do our best to welcome people back like well-known regulars, even on their second visit. Our baristas have become experts on remembering names, reciting past orders, and recommending something personal and new. It’s not uncommon to be greeted with something like: “Hey Lauren, you ordered the mango smoothie for your son last week, right? How did he like it? Want to mix in a new flavor this time?” 


Being a kind Human Bean

Above all, The Human Bean baristas exemplify our company motto of “Being a Kind Human Bean.” We recognize that for some people, the day has maybe been rough. Or that they’re not sure what a granita is and have questions. Or simply, that they really could use a friendly face. The Human Bean baristas make a point of being patient, welcoming (not exclusive), and kind to all who come through their drive-thru stands. This has been especially true with so many people working from home and missing their social office scenes — our baristas might be the first (or only!) person that a customer sees in a day, so they’re making it their job to spread kindness!


Customer service is what we’re known for, even if it’s quick

Of course, including a little treat on top each drink helps, too! Any chance we have to make a customer’s visit memorable, delicious, and uniquely special, we take. We’re proud to say our baristas are one of the things The Human Bean is best known for. They’re skilled, friendly, and welcoming to the thousands of people we collectively serve each day.

Are you interested in joining The Human Bean as a barista? Visit our super-slick online application where you can apply to a specific location. And if you’re considering opening your own Human Bean franchise location, rest assured that our team of training experts will come on-site to give your new employees all the guidance they need to join the ranks of other Human Bean customer-service superstars. Get in touch to learn more!

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