Earth Day Every Day at The Human Bean

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Earth Day every day at The Human Bean is part of our philosophy. We practice being kind to the earth in many different ways all year long.  Here are a few of the ways we try to be earth friendly.  And also make it easy for our customers to be more earth friendly as well!

Earth Day Reusable Bag Giveaway

We’ll be giving away reusable shopping bags on Friday, April 19th, in celebration of Earth Day.  We have done this every year for several years now.  Each person gets one and up to two per vehicle.  These reusable shopping bags can be folded up into a small square to carry with you everywhere.  They can reduce or eliminate the need for plastic bags when shopping.  They are durable and can be used throughout the entire year.  Many customers collect them year by year.  We usually print them in a different color every year and this year they will be a light green.

Reusable Bag Giveaway posters

Farm Friendly Coffee

We have a direct relationship with all of our coffee farmers.  We’ve also visited their farms and met many of them.  We care about their communities and coffee growing environments.  Our coffee is grown in the most environmentally friendly way possible.  We also finance many environmental projects in our coffee growing communities.  While it may not seem like it when you are sipping on delicious white chocolate mocha, your purchases have helped support us in community projects all over the world. Your business has provided school supplies for an orphanage in Sumatra, planted shade trees in El Salvador, and placed water wells in East Africa.  Our current Farm Friendly project is to build and repair sanitation facilities in Colombia.

Sustain Cup

We have recently started selling our Sustain Cup to help finance our Farm Friendly Colombia project.  These cups are reusable up to 30 times and also BPA free. They are a great way to start getting your daily Human Bean drink in a reusable mug and doing your part for the environment. In fact they are more affordable than your average travel mug. Did you know that all paper cups are not recyclable? There are more than 16 billion paper cups that are landfilled annually in the US alone. With the Sustain Cup you’ll see 50% less environmental impact in just 10 uses compared to paper cups. You’ll break even in only 4 uses. This estimate is measured in carbon footprint across lifecycle.

Reusable Mugs & Mug Discount

The Human Bean has always sold a variety of reusable hot mugs and cold cups.  We encourage you to buy and use these daily with many of our locations giving you a mug discount each time you do.  We realize what an impact paper coffee cups can have on the environment and do our best to use post-consumer recycled paper products whenever possible.  But better yet, purchase your own reusable mug in our online store.  Your nearest Human Bean location will also have a variety of selections for you.  Start using it today to be earth friendly every day!

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