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Costa Rica featured beanThe Featured Bean

Our featured bean is a light roast from Costa Rica. A Single-origin varietal, this coffee begins with sweet floral aromas. Furthermore subtle undertones of pipe tobacco. A medium body containing notes of sweet cocoa and graham crackers. in conclusion a quick finish is a perfect expression of this great example of Costa Rican coffees.

This varietal is one of our old lasting relationships with the farmers that grown our coffee.


It is grown in the Naranjo region in the West Valley of Costa Rica between 4000 – 5200 feet. Consequently, making this a well balanced featured bean.

Join The Human Bean each month for a featured bean. In addition to a discount we pick a new bean each month. Most of all the bean will tell you the story of The Human Bean. Each variety and single origin bean is sourced directly from the farmers that grow our coffee.

In Costa Rica we have helped to pay for a school and day care for the farmers children. They have the opportunity to learn and become educated.

You can brew a fresh cup today by purchasing the Costa Rica Bean here.

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