Frozen Favorite Human Bean Drinks

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Frozen Favorite Human Bean drinks include Smoothies, Granitas, Java Chips and Frozen Hot Chocolate too.

If you aren’t sure what all of these drinks are, then check out the descriptions below or ask at the drive-thru on your next visit!

Frozen Favorite Human Bean drinks are great on a hot day or as an afternoon treat.  We use real fruit in our smoothies and Hershey’s chocolate in our Granitas.  You can add flavored syrups to any of these drinks to create something one of a kind and uniquely you!

frozen favorites granitas

Frozen Favorite Human Bean Drinks


What is a granita? It’s our rich espresso blended to perfection! You can add any flavor your heart desires. Some customer favorites are Hershey’s, chocolate milk, caramel, or snowy.  But the list is endless! Also available: Decaf, decaf mocha, low fat.


Real Fruit Smoothie

Fruit pureed to perfection. We have a wide variety of flavors to tempt your taste buds. We can also make your smoothie with dairy alternative or dairy free as well.


Chocolate or Vanilla Smoothie

Blended, creamy vanilla or chocolate smoothie. Add a flavor to make it special!


Chai Smoothie

Our classic Chai blended into rich creaminess!


Frozen Hot Chocolate

Delicious chocolate mix blended into a rich creamy smoothie. This is a crowd pleaser!


Green Tea Smoothie

This might be your new favorite smoothie! Green tea is great hot or iced, but have you tried blended into this creamy treat?


Java Chip

Everyone loves Java Chip! Try it as a smoothie (no espresso) or as a granita (served with shots). We recommend adding peppermint for the holidays, or cherry in the summer to give it an extra flavorful kick!


Low Carb

Need a low carb treat? We’ve got you covered. Low carb is served as a smoothie or granita (with espresso shots), pick your flavor of chocolate or vanilla.



Need a protein boost? We use a delicious vanilla whey protein that can be blended into a smoothie or granita (with espresso shots).

human bean smoothie



Check out our full menu of frozen drinks here.

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