Global Brigades Coffeelandia Fundraiser

In of 2012, in conjunction with Portland Global Initiatives and various members of the Pacific Northwest coffee community, a fundraising block party event was held entitled Coffeelandia. Coffeelandia raised money to fund a water project in a rural village in Honduras. Organized by the non-profit Global Brigades, the party was a huge success and raised $16,500 which completely funded the project.

The upgrade of the community water system in Buena Vista, Honduras included a water treatment system at the source spring, piping to transport the water to the village, two holding tanks, piping and faucets for each household, and an electrical pump to push the water throughout the system. The community now does not have to travel to obtain clean and safe water.

The project was completed in February of 2013. Over 700 people now enjoy increased safety and hygiene by having access to clean and safe water. source tracking