Guatemala Regional Roast

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The Human Bean Northern Colorado is honored to bring you one of our favorite coffees from Guatemala. This Regional Roast is so special to us each year! Not only is it our 2nd longest standing relationship with a coffee farm (providing us beans for over 2 decades!), but a few years ago members of our northern Colorado management team had the opportunity to visit this farm and witness the impact of our Farm Friendly Direct Relationship. 

This bean comes to us from The Finca El Paternal Estate in Huehuetenango, Guatemala which has been run by a strong, independent and caring matriarch for the last couple decades. While her son is now stepping into the daily oversight of the estate, Miguelina has set the expectation for commitment to the workers, the greater community and our partnership. Today, her son is helping run the farm, but it is her vision and passion that has driven the excellent performance of her crops and the dedication of her pickers who she treats with the utmost respect.

This roast is a truly delightful single origin with tasting notes of this light roast: chocolate, raisin, cinnamon, & molasses.

The Perks of Farm Friendly Direct – We take great pride on the FFD mark that accompanies each of our beans, and trips to origin have brought a deeper meaning to this marking. We not only hear about how our direct relationship with this farm makes a difference, we are able to see it. In 1999 we funded and built a water treatment facility – it is still a valuable asset on the Estate today – positively impacting the greater community as it ensures the contamination of water through coffee processing is cleaned before reentering the water stream that serves all of the families and individuals at lower elevations. And beyond that, the consistent purchasing of the beans means the Estate can do more to increase the quality of the beans and the life of those that harvest them.

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