A significant portion of The Human Bean coffee comes from a farm near Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Finca El Paternal Estate is owned and operated by Miguelina Villatoro de Merida and her family. These coffees have been an integral part of our blends since 1998. The farm was also one of the first Farm Friendly Direct programs.

In the higher areas of northern Guatemala, accessing clean water and transporting it to the needed coffee farms had been a challenge. In 1999, we help fund a water treatment facility to enhance processing and, more importantly, assure clean water was returning to the river that supplies the farm. This water treatment system is now regarded as the preferred model and often tours are conducted so area growers are able to study the construction and use of the system and see first-hand the benefits of water treatment and conservation.

In 2006, in an effort to help improve yield and production, we help finance a project to hire an agronomist. This company evaluated soil and leaves and provided the science analysis and action plan to assure improved coffee plant health. The subsequent fertilization project resulted in significant increase in per plant yield.

In 2010, Finca El Paternal Estate owner Miguelina, believed in the great value of the Rainforest Alliance certification. The Human Bean helped pay for the certification. Further, our roasting partnership has helped the farm directly export coffees removing a middleman broker, thereby increasing profit opportunities.

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