Girl Scout Cookies at The Human Bean

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As a locally-operated business serving Northern Colorado, we have the privilege to get to know our loyal customers – often times hearing the needs of our community as well as hearing comments about the fun environment at The Bean. So, we have designed a way to give back to the community in a fun and creative way: hosting you as a guest barista for 2-3 hours on a day of your choosing! Depending on your schedule, you could choose any Tuesday or Thursday for your guest appearance. We know so many nonprofits are near and dear to your heart, so it would be our honor to give back to one of your favorite nonprofits in our community.


On the day of your guest barista appearance, we would donate 10 percent of all sales back to the nonprofit as well as accept any donations from customers. Your time at The Bean would be fun and interactive with customers! Our staff would take care of the “work” part of making drinks; while you would hand customers their drinks and thank them for coming by to see you. Prior to your appearance, we would market on Facebook (we have nearly 5,000 fans in Northern Colorado!) as well as through press releases that you would be serving as a Guest Barista for the day. We would also send you an email-able flyer showcasing your Guest Barista day, which you could then email out to your friends, family & colleagues. I would imagine several of your employees would want to see you in action! We would also ask the networks of the nonprofit to send out the same flyer so we could raise as much money as we can during this day. And of course during your Guest Barista time, we would give you as much coffee, tea and treats that you could handle!

Please take a moment to confirm the following requirements for a Guest Barista Day and then follow the process for applying.

  • 501(c)3 nonprofit status
  • Guest Barista Day (GBD) MUST be on a Tuesday or Thursday from 11am – 1 pm
    • Saturday GBD determined on a case to case basis. Please contact us if you believe you need a Saturday GBD (Times will change for a Saturday GBD)
  • Date of GBD must be confirmed 30 days ahead
  • Nonprofit must specify which location (only one): 2 locations in Fort Collins, 4 in Weld County
    • Multiple locations determined on a case to case basis. Please contact us if you believe you need a multiple location GBD
  • Nonprofit must provide information about organization and logo, in high resolution, 3 weeks prior to GBD
  • Nonprofit must provide energetic and dynamic individuals to be the Guest Baristas
  • Nonprofit must provide marketing materials for GBD to hand out to Human Bean customers
  • Nonprofit must market the GBD via their own platforms
    • Email blast, Facebook, website, posters in office, etc.
  • Date for check presentation must be determined prior to GBD
    • Must be no later than 2 weeks post GBD

If you can adhere to the above requirements, please fill out the “Donation Request Form” at least 6 weeks prior to your desired date.

Thank you for considering this opportunity,

The Human Bean Marketing Team

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