Human Bean Cold Brew 101

Human Bean Cold Brew 101 is here to explain exactly what it is and how we make it.

chocolate mac cold brewWhy is it called Cold-Brew?

Because it’s actually brewed with cold water!  Iced coffee is different than cold brew.  It is coffee that is brewed hot and then cooled down before it is poured over ice. We call our cold brew hand crafted because we actually make it daily by hand!  We put coffee grounds in a large filter in cold water and steep it overnight.  This creates a strong coffee concentrate that we dilute by mixing with cold water before serving it.  Steeping it in this way removes the acidity and bitterness that normal coffee can have.  It creates a super smooth and rich tasting cold coffee which is why people love Human Bean Cold Brew!

Does it have more caffeine than regular coffee?

It depends on how it was made and to what degree it is diluted.  But in general it should not have much more caffeine than regular coffee.

Why does it cost more than regular brewed coffee?

Because it is hand crafted and takes so much time to make each batch.  Also, it only remains fresh for 24-48 hours which is why we make it daily.

What do you recommend we add to it?

Cold Brew is good all on it’s own because of it’s smooth flavor profile.  But we also love adding dairy to it.  Add a splash of heavy cream to keep it Keto.  Add a dairy alternative like Milkadamia macadamia nut milk or Coconut milk.  Or for something a little sweeter, add a flavored syrup.  It tastes great with nut flavors like Macadamia or also with Toasted Marshmallow or Salted Caramel. To view all of our syrup flavors, visit our blog post on Flavors of The Human Bean!

We hope your learned something from our Human Bean Cold Brew 101!  And that  you will try our cold brew today if you don’t love it already!

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  1. Rachel Hosford Spence says

    Which coffee bean do you use to create the cold brew? I love it!! I wish it was sold in cans or bottles. I’d stock up!!

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