Human Bean Donated Baking Supplies to Guadalupe Center and Fort Collins Rescue Mission

Published on January 4, 2017 | by FrankSherman | in | Comments Off on Human Bean Donated Baking Supplies to Guadalupe Center and Fort Collins Rescue Mission

While the rest of our northern Colorado community was prepping for a season of delicious holiday baking, The Human Bean was doing the same but for our next community fundraiser: our baking item drive!

In November, The Human Bean collected a vast array of baking items – flour, sugar, vanilla, chocolate chips, you name it! – from our giving northern Colorado community. After everything had been collected, organized, sorted and more, we were ready to deliver them to the Fort Collins Rescue Mission and the Guadalupe Center in Greeley.

While dropping off the supplies donated by our Weld County community to the Guadalupe center, we were given a private tour with a gentleman name Ernest, who was a driving force in organizing the event with us. He showed us around the facility and was excited to share their big housing project next door (pictured below). This affordable housing endeavor will soon be available to help even more members of the community in need as a comprehensive shelter with complementary social programs.

The Guadalupe Center is such a heartwarming operation full of passionate people. Whether it is by serving meals to the hungry, clothing to the less fortunate, or shelter and job search assistance to the financially struggling, the Guadalupe Center workers always give their hearts and souls to members of our community who are in need.

We have long partnered with The Fort Collins Rescue Mission for various fundraisers throughout the year. But recently we received a thoughtful thank you card in response to this particular fundraiser that we wanted to share with our customers who really made this drive the success it was:

“Our kitchen supervisor, Stephanie, says this is the most valuable donation she receives all year. These items will go a long way in helping spread holiday cheer to our guests!”

The Human Bean is so grateful for all that these community organizations do, and we look forward to working with them for fundraisers in the future! source tracking