Human Bean Plastic Free Options

Human Bean plastic free options are increasing as we do our best to be earth-friendly.  Here are some of the ways The Human Bean is striving to be kind to our environment.

The Problem with Plastic

The world today makes more than 400 million metric tons of plastic every year.  About half of this is single-use plastic.  These are things like plastic bags, bottles, spoons, straws, and wrappers.  These things make life convenient and disposable but most of this has nowhere to go when we are done with it.

People believe that it can be recycled but in reality, less than 5% of plastic in the U.S. gets recycled.  The types of plastic that are widely recycled are soda and water bottles, milk jugs and laundry detergent containers.  Everything else, including cups and straws, gets incinerated or dumped into the ground or the sea.  In developing countries, like China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, 70-90% of plastic recycling goes into the sea.  Up until 2018, when China stopped accepting most of our recycling, a lot of that plastic started out in America.

Today, scientists estimate that there are 75 million metric tons of plastic in the oceans.  This is why marine animals continue to be harmed by plastics when they ingest it or become tangled in it.  Here’s how The Human Bean is doing our best to remain a convenient drive-thru coffee shop while also keeping an eye on the environment.

Straw Free Lids

Recently all 90+ Human Bean locations have switched to a strawless lid design so that straws are no longer needed.  Although still available upon request this cuts out a huge number of straws that are given out each day.

Human Bean Plastic Free Options - A hand holding a plastic cup - Pint glass

Stainless Steel Reusable Straws

We now have stainless steel straws which we are selling for a very affordable price to customers that do prefer a straw.  There are certain drinks like a smoothie or Granita that need a straw.  These are a great reusable option if blended drinks are your favorite!

Human Bean Plastic Free Options - A glass with a blue cup - Non-alcoholic drink

Hydro Flasks

The Human Bean always has a variety of Hydro Flasks available for sale in the latest colors.  These reusable mugs keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for a long time.  Plus you get a mug discount when you bring your own reusable mug in every day!

Human Bean Plastic Free Options - A waterfall going over a body of water - Water resources

Reusable Shopping Bags

Every year for Earth Day The Human Bean gives out reusable shopping bags for free to all of our customers.  We choose a different color each year.  Many of our customers collect them from year to year and have enough of them to eliminate using plastic bags when they go to the grocery store.  Look for our next giveaway day for Earth Day in April!

Human Bean Plastic Free Options - A person standing next to a glass of beer on a table - Liqueur

These are just a few of the ways that The Human Bean is trying to offer our customers Human Bean plastic free options.  You can shop for our Hydro Flasks, reusable bags, and stainless steel reusable straws on our website, here.

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