The Human Bean Serves Up Pawsitively Gourmet Biscuits for Dogs

Published on May 19, 2017 | by FrankSherman | in | Comments Off on The Human Bean Serves Up Pawsitively Gourmet Biscuits for Dogs

We may have “human” in our title, but don’t be fooled – The Human Bean loves our furry friends just as much as we love our human friends! Because every lovable pooch in the community deserves only the best dog treats available, we are excited to offer them Pawsitively Gourmet Biscuits at all Human Bean locations.

Pawsitively Gourmet Biscuits are proudly made in Colorado. These premium biscuits have only a few wholesome ingredients, ensuring that dogs get a nutritious snack without any synthetic preservatives. Local company, BarknBig, distributes these biscuits and manufactures products alike, supporting other companies that have similar intentions to keep our dogs not only happy but healthy too.

Because we are constantly seeking high quality products and local options for distribution and production, The Human Bean made the switch to these higher end dog biscuits in fall 2016. Pups are a big part of our community, and we want them to receive the same service our humans do every time they visit The Human Bean.

Dogs are often that copilot that you start your day with. They hang their heads out the window to drink up some fresh air while you drink up some freshly brewed goodness at The Human Bean; they curl up next to you when you need a little TLC; and they always seem to understand just what you are thinking. Dogs are there for our customers, so we want to be there for our customers’ dogs too!

Learn more about BarknBig by visiting their website or Facebook page. source tracking