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951 W. Plum St.
Fort Collins, CO  80521

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The Human Bean Northern Colorado is proud to be locally owned and operated since 2004, comprised of ten double-sided drive-thru locations plus our mobile coffee truck serving Fort Collins, Greeley, Evans, Loveland, La Salle, Windsor and Wellington in northern Colorado.

About Our Location

Our one-of-a-kind, NSA certified Coffee Truck is available for private, public and open check events in northern Colorado. Mobile vendor requirements may restrict our ability to serve in some areas or may require additional time to secure approval. Please reach out at least 1 month in advance to provide adequate time for city licensing. Occasionally a quicker turn around is possible. 

During the school year, The Human Bean Coffee Truck is committed to service on the west side of CSU campus near Moby Arena Monday-Thursday 7:30am-4pm. Bookings will be available outside of this time frame including holidays and breaks. 

Public Events

If you are hosting an event for the public and looking for vendors, please let us know what is required to be a part of your event and the number of anticipated attendees. If your event is hosting less than 500 and you are wanting to provide coffee as a service to guests, we do request a $150 service fee and guests may purchase beverages as desired.

Private Events 

Our most common arrangement, this is for companies, non-profits, large parties or weddings and schools looking to provide a custom beverage of choice to a group of people. Minimum charge is $500 for up to 75 guests for 2 hours with our full offering of hot, iced or blended drinks up to 20oz. 

Open Check Events

In some unique situations, we do provide the option to host the truck with a running tab (open check) for an individual or company to cover the tab at the end of the event. This set up requires a $150 service fee with additional details and structure to ensure the service meets your needs, which will be finalized over email.  

Booking Rates

Minimum service charge for private and open check events is $500. We do offer a discount for non-profits and always consider the specific needs and structure of your event to customize the service to meet your vision. Please be sure to provide all possible details when submitting a request to book The Human Ban Coffee Truck so may best serve you.


  • Hourly rate increases for additional hour(s) of service
  • Tax is additional and is charged at destination rate
  • To travel more than 10 miles away from CSU’s campus, mileage is charged at $2 per mile
  • Pastries, light snacks, and gluten free items are available for an additional charge
  • An additional 30 minutes is required for set up and another 30 minutes for tear down
  • 45 feet of parking space is required
  • Minimal noise created by 20,000 watt generator
  • Gratuity is not included in the cost of the rental



It is a pleasure to serve the wonderful people of northern Colorado and meet so many outstanding individuals. Thank you for your love and support and letting The Human Bean Northern Colorado Coffee Truck be a part of your day!

Our Hours

Our hours and locations vary.

About The Human Bean of Northern Colorado

The Human Bean Northern Colorado is proud to be locally owned and operated since 2004, comprised of nine double-sided drive-thru locations plus our mobile coffee truck serving Fort Collins, Greeley, Evans, Loveland, La Salle and Windsor in northern Colorado.

Our friendly baristas are ready and waiting at our windows to serve you a delicious beverage or treat, whether you come see us daily, or stop by for a once-in-a-while special indulgence! We may be small on the outside, but we have a lot to offer! With over 75 different syrup flavors, dairy and non dairy options, a variety of drinks can be customized hot, iced, or blended. Giving back to our community is a priority and we are committed to making an impact through Thankful Thursdays, Guest Barista Days, Hosting drives and more.

Coffee is where we start, but we are so much more!

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Work With Us

We Are Seeking Baristas

  • Who will take pride in being a part of this local company.
  • No previous experience required.
  • Full training program offered for all new hires with an extensive ladder for growth and opportunities for long-term advancement.

What The Human Bean Expects from YOU:

Each location has a close-knit staff that succeeds through respect for one another and the company. Everyone is expected to work diligently to uphold high standards and share equally in the daily tasks. We all strive to be the coworker that we want to have in each other. Being flexible and willing to assist co-workers with scheduling needs is seen as a sign of true dedication to the teamwork mentality.

All employees for The Human Bean must:

  • Strive to set one another up for success by being thorough, reliable and accountable
  • Utilize positive, directive and constructive communication between all parties within the company
  • Possess a work ethic strong in integrity, initiative and pride
  • Be an invested and involved individual aiding in the company’s success
  • Work a variety of shifts including some evenings, weekends, and holidays

To succeed as an individual you must be receptive to direction and feedback during the training process and beyond, recognizing the constant ability to grow and improve. You will be expected to uphold all company policies and be self-motivated and self-regulating as there are often shifts where no manager is present.

Basic Job Description:

As a Human Bean barista you are expected to routinely think and act efficiently taking responsibility for customers and the stand as a whole.

As a Barista you will:

  • craft beverages to order
  • clean equipment and work spaces
  • take out trash
  • handle money as you ring customers in
  • engage customers in conversation
  • put away orders and organize product and supplies
  • multitask in all you do
  • leave personal matters at the door and enjoy a drama free and fun environment that you help to create!

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