What Makes the Perfect Cup of Coffee?

Published on July 27, 2017 | by FrankSherman | in , | Comments Off on What Makes the Perfect Cup of Coffee?

Everyone has their idea of a “perfect cup of coffee.” Whether it’s the flavor, temperature or setting, there are so many special qualities to love about a delicious cup of goodness. We asked around to find out what northern Colorado considers to be the magic ingredients in their coffee. Here is what you said:


“The perfect cup of coffee is one enjoyed after a long trail run while sitting on my backyard patio on a sunny morning.”

“Nothing turns a Monday morning around better than a Human Bean Snowy Mocha.”

“I am a huge fan of light roasts! I like my coffee hot, smooth and with notes of chocolate in my favorite mug. I think just the right amount of cream is what makes the perfect cup of coffee. I like my coffee the color of a brown paper bag, nothing lighter or darker.”


“My favorite drink is Caramel Mocha or a cappuccino.”

“I like a coffee mug with a good memory or story, and vanilla and cream, on a cold day.”

“I have a bit of a sweet-tooth, so I like my coffee to have a sweet aftertaste to it, preferably chocolate. I also like my coffee cold.”

I like mine black mostly, but if I get a latte, I usually do not want it to be too sweet. I find the Mexi Mocha to be the perfect mix of flavors without being too sweet.”

“Coffee…made fresh…with a smile and of course the Human Bean chocolate bean on top is the best part!”

“What I love about a great cup of coffee is the smell.”

“Super hot, in a big mug, being enjoyed while in my PJ’s!”

“My perfect cup of coffee is one with smooth flavors and a slightly sweet finish, like the Human Bean’s Guatemala regional roast.”


No matter the size, shape or style, The Human Bean is proud to whip up your perfect cup of coffee any day of the week!

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