National Bean Day

Published on January 4, 2018 | by FrankSherman | in | Comments Off on National Bean Day

Well, January 6th is National Bean Day!  To celebrate our love for coffee beans, we are giving away a FREE ½ pound bag of coffee beans with the purchase of a pound of beans!

We offer 5 varieties of batch-brewed coffee every day! Check out our newest Regional Roast from Papua New Guinea, available for a limited time. This special bean shares the same ancestry as the infamous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee; brought from Jamaica a century ago to improve the opportunities for the native people of Papua New Guinea, this bean is grown in a similar environment as the original bean in Jamaica, but is more accessible to us! It boasts a citrus overtone which focuses in on a stone fruit and spice fulfilled taste on the nose while finishing off with a pineapple acidity, apricot and cherry sweetness all balanced by an earthy undertone.  Pick up a bag or two it won’t be here for long! source tracking