NEW Coffee Bean of the Month Promotion

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The Human Bean is excited to announce our newest monthly special, the Bean of the Month. Each month we will choose a new coffee or espresso from our online store.  Than it is featured on our blog. The featured coffee will be 15% OFF all month along with our monthly promo code!

The Human Bean online store offers a selection of premium coffee and espresso  sourced, blended and roasted for your enjoyment. Your favorite is waiting to be discovered. Such as organic blends and also Swiss Water Process® decaf, your favorite is waiting to be discovered! Shop now!

This Month: French Roast

First of all this new monthly special is our award winning French Roast. This premium dark roast blend is served in all our Human Bean locations. Also, it is our most popular coffee bean for good reason. French Roast is our darkest roast with a pronounced, heavy body and is roasted to a toasty internal temperature of 440 degrees. As a result a touch of smokiness and a bold kick balances the profile of this roast, while a light sweetness anchors the finish.

Our French Roast blend includes coffee from East Africa, Central America and also Indonesia sourced through our socially responsible Farm Friendly Direct Program. Our Farm Friendly Direct program involves paying growers a premium for their coffee. While 100% of that premium supporting farm and community projects. Learn more about these projects and our stewardship here.

Enjoy Human Bean at Home

French Roast, along with our other signature coffee and espresso, can now be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Therefore all you have to do is order. To receive 15% OFF our monthly special French Roast, enter the promo code: HappyBean98 at checkout.

Franchise Opportunities

We expect additional growth through approved franchisees throughout the nation. Moving forward, the brand will stay true to the successful operations on which The Human Bean was founded. With exceptional products, attractive and efficient facilities and an exceptionally trained and qualified team, we have the tools needed to be the consumers’ brand of choice. source tracking