Non-Dairy? Non-A Problem!

Published on August 22, 2017 | by FrankSherman | in | Comments Off on Non-Dairy? Non-A Problem!

Non-Dairy? Non-A Problem!

Choosing or having to be on a non-dairy diet is not always easy. You’re constantly checking nutrition labels or asking your local barista about what your options are for your favorite morning beverage. Embracing a non-dairy lifestyle can help you say hello to a heightened sense of smell, and refresh and revitalize your overall health.

The Human Bean offers all kinds of dairy-free choices for the caffeine and beverage lover. Whether it’s macadamia nut, soy, or almond, our milk alternatives can provide you the same perk you’re looking for while skipping the stomach ache. We also have several water or fruit-based alternatives to control your cravings. And even if you don’t have to be dairy-free, but want to give your taste buds something new, we encourage you to try your favorite beverage with one of our three diary-free milk bases!  Hot, iced, or blended to perfection – however you like it, we can create your favorite drink dairy-free!

Here are a few of our favorites for Human Bean lovers:

  • Irish cream soy latte: a wake-r-upper with the luck o’ the Irish.
  • Almond milk vanilla latte: a smooth, light drink that’s just nutty enough.
  • Strawberry smoothie with milkadamia: a fruity fresh taste with a creamy, captivating texture.

Stop by The Human Bean today to grab yourself a beverage and try out our non-dairy options! Ask your barista for questions relating to syrups, flavors and other menu items that may contain dairy products. source tracking