October’s Bean of the Month – El Salvadoran Coffee

The Bean of the Month is a great place to start expanding your coffee horizon. We have many different blends and roasts to choose from.  Therefore you can enjoy a coffee as unique as you are!  Save 15% on our El Salvadoran Coffee all October long. This sweet & light roast is perfect for cozy fall mornings!


el salvadoran coffee


Our El Salvadoran Coffee is a Single Origin Coffee.  This means the coffee beans are sourced only from a specific geographic location. Specifically, these beans were grown on the Buena Vista Estate, on the slopes of El Cachillo.  This is at 4000 to 4700 feet above sea level.


Three words to describe this light roast are refined, fragrant and also buttery.  This full bodied variety begins and ends with sweet undertones of honey, herbal tea and chocolate. These coffee beans from El Salvador have a well-balanced finish that marks this light roast as a perfect complement to every fall morning.

Farm Friendly Direct:

In conjunction with the non-profit Trees for the Future, 15,000 shade trees were planted in the Apaneca coffee growing region in El Salvador. These trees were planted for shade and will provide a huge offset to carbon output. The canopy of these shade trees provide a cool habitat for birds and protect the coffee plants from too much rain or sun. Further, the mangoes and papaya from these trees provide the farmers with another source of income. For more information about our socially responsible Farm Friendly Direct Program, click HERE.

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