Part Two- A New Year, A Healthier You!

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Finding the perfect espresso combination can be tricky, but expanding your coffee knowledge makes all the difference. In part one of A New Year, A Healthier You!, we learned three basic guidelines to ordering a healthier drink: substitute your milk with a fat-free or dairy-free alternative, add a zero-calorie espresso shot when possible and replace your regular syrups with the sugar-free variety. For more details on these tips, check out part one. In this post, I’m putting those tips and tricks into action and sharing three tried-and-true delicious coffee beverages all under 200 calories!
As coffee lovers, we want a drink that flawlessly balances the Three C’s of Coffee

1. Craving– This C cannot be ignored when creating a desirable drink. We need a drink that tastes delicious, is full of flavor and satisfies our taste-buds with every sip.
2. Caffeine- It’s no secret that this C promotes productive mornings, keeps us alert and gives us that extra boost of energy throughout the day.
3. Calories- Keeping this C in mind leaves us feeling good and guilt-free long after drinking. The last thing we want is coffee-remorse.

With the tips from part one and the C’s of coffee in mind, I have crafted three easy-to-order    coffee options that are sure to please all taste palates and are all 200 calories or less!

Hot Coconut Almond Latte

Espresso topped with frothy almond milk and sugar-free coconut syrup.

Iced Vanilla Chai Latte

Oregon Chai split with non-fat milk and a scoop of sugar-free vanilla syrup tossed over iced.
Top with nutmeg and cinnamon sprinkles for even more flavor!

Lo-carb White Chocolate Granita

Three shots of espresso, splash of half & half, vanilla Lo-carb powder and sugar-free white chocolate syrup blended to perfection.

You now possess three tried-and-true 16 ounce Human Bean coffees all under 200 calories and they are sure to satisfy the three C’s of coffee: craving, caffeine and calories. These ideas are a great start, but don’t hesitate to switch things up to uncover the perfect combination for you.

Already found a great combination? Share it! A Healthier you!

We want to know your great coffee ideas! Share your own low-calorie coffee favorite on our    contact form here. Tell us what tips & tricks you use to keep it health conscious and how it satisfies the three C’s of coffee.
I will pick the top three coffee recipes and feature them in our next A New Year, A Healthier You! blog post. The winners will receive a $10 Human Bean recharge card to enjoy a few of their   favorite drinks on the house. So don’t wait, send in those recipes now!

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