Portland Global Initiatives and Water for All Partnership for Temeke Primary School

In 2010, the Temeke Primary School was the beneficiary of funds collected from the 2010 Walk for Water. The school gained access to clean drinking water from the event with was held in conjunction with the UN World Water Day.

Several years ago, the school’s hand pump broke and since then more than 1600 children have had to carry water to school. It was not unusual for the children to walk up to 3 hours a day just to get water. In partnership with Portland Global Initiatives and Water for All, we helped fund a deep water well that operates 24/7. Attendance has risen at the school and the well has provided enough water to grow a vegetable garden.

1 in 8 people worldwide, more than 1 billion people, do not have access to clean drinking water. The transformation is immediate when you introduce access to clean water into a community that had previously gone without.

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