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This month The Human Bean Northern Colorado is excited to bring on our newest Regional Roast from Ethiopia. This single-origin coffee is sure to brighten your day. It is an Organic Light Roast with wonderful notes of citrus, black tea, bergamot, and a floral finish. When stopping by any of our locations you can enjoy this coffee hot or as a cold brew toddy through the end of August.

Since Ethiopia is also a wonderful coffee to brew as a pour over, we couldn’t pass up sharing some quick instructions on how to make a simple pour over at home. We recommend taking a bag of this bean with you for a delicious pour over coffee on your next camping adventure or relaxing Sunday morning.


Pour Over Instructions:

Grab a bag of Ethiopia Regional Roast from your nearest Human Bean location. If you do not have a grinder at home, ask your barista to grind your beans on the ‘fine’ setting.

Start with your pour over device and a paper filter. There is a wide variety of pour over systems available on the market from the very fancy to very portable.

Place your filter into the brewer and rinse the filter with hot water to get rid of any paper residue.

Measure 16g of finely ground Ethiopian for every 8oz of water into your paper filter.

Pour hot water over the coffee grounds gently and in slow circles so that all of the grounds are evenly saturated.

Let the water slowly drip into your cup or mug and add more hot water until the coffee is to your tastes.

Add cream, sugar, or your favorite coffee fixings to the cup.


The above instructions can be further customized as you wish.

Depending on the type of pour over system you have and your personal tastes, we encourage you to experiment beyond these simplified instructions until you’ve created your perfect pour over. 

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