Regional Roast: Guatemala

Published on May 2, 2019 | by FrankSherman | in | Comments Off on Regional Roast: Guatemala

The Human Bean of northern Colorado is so excited to be brining back one of our favorite Regional Roast this month! May and June will feature a Regional Roast from the El Paternal Estate in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The El Paternal Estate has been run by a strong, independent and caring matriarch for the last couple decades, and while her son is now stepping into the daily oversight of the estate, Miguelina has set the expectation for commitment to the workers, the greater community and a partnership with The Human Bean.

Unique this year, is that the beans were not processed as they have been in past years (through a more common washed method); this year, the coffee cherry was allowed to dry on the beans before processing in what is known as “Natural Process.” Natural processing uses less water and also drastically effects the flavor profile of the roasted bean with sweet and complex characteristics.

This bean is from the northern region of Guatemala, on the southern border of Mexico; it is a truly delightful single origin with tasting notes of chocolate and brown sugar. This light roast exemplifies the flavors we love about this coffee in this region with a unique variation as we experience a natural processed bean for the first time from El Paternal Estate this year.

This roast is also holds a special place for us, because a couple years ago a few members of our management team actually visited this farm, witnessed the impact of our Farm Friendly Direct relationship and even picked beans! Through this trip we not only got to hear about how our direct relationship with this farm makes a difference, we are able to see it. In 1999 we funded and built a water treatment facility – it is still a valuable asset on the Estate today – positively impacting the greater community as it ensures the contamination of water through coffee processing is cleaned before reentering the water stream that serves all of the families and individuals at lower elevations.

Stop by for a cup of this special Guatemala Regional Roast today! source tracking