Spring’s Hottest (and Coolest) Drinks

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The sun is shining and the cold drinks are flowing! Now that the days are filling up with sand volleyball tournaments, school finals, and spring festivals, we consider it our very honest (and very fun!) duty to keep you fueled with drinks on the go. 

So what’s new on the spring drink menu? In part…it’s up to you! With limitless options for customizing your drink, we’re banking that you’ll love what you’re sipping. So pump up your favorite smoothie with extra protein powder. Or sweeten your latte with sugar-free syrup. Or power your Caramel Mocha with an extra shot of espresso. We’ll make it your way — iced cold and delicious. 

Want some inspiration? We’ve got that, too. Here are some of this month’s featured smoothies, (plus a classic that makes its way to the front of the line each spring).


Vanilla Orange Smoothie

human bean vanilla orange kid smoothieIt seems like sunny days and orange creamsicles just go hand-in-hand, right? Take a trip down memory lane with this refreshing smoothie that tastes just like summer days by the pool. Want to make it a post-workout recovery
drink? Add a scoop of protein powder and reward yourself for the hard work! 

Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Protein

Want to know which smoothie flavor is the ultimate Human Bean fan favorite? You guessed it, Strawberry Banana. Made with real fruit and protein powder, this version makes an excellent meal replacement if you’re looking for a delicious breakfast or lunch on the go. Want it dairy-free? Just ask!

Lavender Lemonade Smoothie

If spring is your season of trying new things, we absolutely recommend giving our Lavender Lemonade Smoothie a whirl. Subtly herbal, delightfully refreshing…this blended drink is both satisfying and just plain fun. Plus, it’s dairy-free and full of lemony vitamin C.


Take your coffee cold, sweet, and blended with a frozen espresso Granita. This frozen, creamy delight is smooth and refreshing any time of day, and can be personalized with any flavor — we’re fans of vanilla, almond, or coconut for spring. Add some whip if you like,  and we’ll top with a signature Farm Friendly Direct chocolate-covered espresso bean every time!

human bean cold brew coffeeCold Brew Coffee

Coffee isn’t just for mornings anymore. Power through your afternoon with this customer (and staff) favorite that’s available year round and extra refreshing when the sun comes out to play. Our Cold Brew is crafted in small batches to create an iced drink that’s balanced, smooth, and sweet without bitterness. Add some flavor, or top it with our signature fluffy Cold Foam and you’ll discover a whole new world of all-day coffee! 


How will you make Spring yours?

Whether you’re looking to boost your fruit intake (in what we think is the tastiest way), or add some protein to your busy day, we’ve got ingredients to fuel your spring. Make it a family affair and bring the kiddos, too! There’s nothing like mixing and matching your favorite flavors to make a trip through the drive-thru extra fun. And if you come up with something really good, we might just have to take note and make room on the menu for something new…

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