Favorite Human Bean Drinks | Sipping on Sunshine!

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Check out these six favorite Human Bean drinks!You can’t go wrong with these six iced & blended Human Bean favorite drinks.Give them all a try this season.

real fruit smoothie1. Real Fruit Smoothie 

How it’s made: Need an afternoon pick-me-up?? Try a yummy fruit smoothie blended from real fruit puree and creamy ice cream. We have a variety of flavors for any palette. Try them all!

Barista inside-scoop: With so many yummy options available, switch-up your smoothie for never ending refreshment! Smoothie can be made dairy free or with dairy alternatives too.



2. Java Chip Granita 

java chip spring drinkHow it’s made: Mini dark chocolate chips and sweet ice cream meet roasty espresso.  Then this mixture is blended to perfection.

Barista inside-scoop: This is also delicious with or without caffeine. The Java Chip Smoothie still has every ounce of chocolaty goodness.



frozen hot chocolate human bean3. Frozen Hot Chocolate 

How it’s made: Your favorite winter weather treat is ready for summer! Premium hot cocoa blends with ice cream to satisfy true chocolate lovers.

Barista inside-scoop: You can also add a hint of toasted marshmallow to this frozen favorite.



green tea smoothie4. Green Tea Smoothie

How it’s made: This is an irresistible blend of sweet green tea and creamy ice cream.  It is also pick-me-up perfection if you ask us!

Barista inside-scoop: You can also add a scoop of blackberry or raspberry to turn this creamy smoothie into a refreshing afternoon treat.



energy drink human bean5. Energy Drink

How it’s made:Sweet syrups brighten bubbly energy drink with vibrant colors and flavors.

Barista inside-scoop: You can also infuse it with fruit flavors like blue raspberry, pomegranate or passion fruit. If you can’t decide on just one flavor, go with your top TWO favorites!



6. Blended Chai Latte

frozen chai human beanHow it’s made: Concentrated chai tea meets sweet ice cream and cold shaved ice creating a smooth & refreshing Blended Chai you’ll love.

Barista inside-scoop: You can also add a scoop of vanilla.  Then add whipped cream & cinnamon sprinkles on top for a real treat.



The next time you’re craving something icy on a hot day,
you’ll find refreshment with one of our Human Bean favorite drinks!

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