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Farm Friendly Direct

Farm Friendly Direct products have a unique opportunity to make a positive difference in our coffee world through direct, socially responsible, coffee sourcing.

Farm Friendly Direct’s program involves paying growers a premium for their coffee, with 100% of that premium going to farm and community projects. This direct purchasing relationship is mutually beneficial for The Human Bean and the grower. The Human Bean is guaranteed a constant and consistent supply of the highest quality coffee while growers and their local communities receive above fair-market pricing and investments into local infrastructure.

Farm Friendly Direct funds have built a water treatment plant in Guatemala, completed deep solar water wells in Tanzania and Kenya, planted 15,000 trees in the region of El Salvador, built a new schoolhouse and supported the salary of a teacher in the Papa New Guinea community. These are just a few examples, to learn more visit our website at

It’s your support that makes Farm Friendly Direct possible. Thank you!


Our Projects

Our longstanding relationships in coffee communities have helped facilitate several projects at coffee origin communities. From our first project 1999 with Finca El Paternal in Guatemala, it was clear that we could positively affect farming communities while assuring long standing sourcing relationships with some of the best coffee farmers in the world. While it may not seem like it when you are sipping on delicious white chocolate mocha, your purchases have helped support us in community projects all over the world. Your business has provided school supplies for an orphanage in Sumatra, planted shade trees in El Salvador, and placed water wells in East Africa.

We have been a sponsor of Portland’s Walk for Water held each March on the Portland waterfront. In partnership with other Pacific Northwest roaster, we collaborate with Portland Global Initiatives to raise awareness of the growing global water crisis and to help fund much needed water wells in African communities.

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