Sustain Cup

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We have a new “Sustain Cup” soon.  It is low cost, reusable and does good in the world.  You can buy it in our online store or at many of our drive-thru locations!

sustain cup

Sustain Cup funds the Colombia Sanitation Project

The Human Bean has partnered with Portland Global Initiatives to help fund water treatment and plumbing facilities.  This will be for 168 coffee farms and their communities in the Caldas region of Colombia.  The proceeds of the Sustain Cups will also go toward this effort.  The cup is blue with a white design over the top showing the journey of coffee and the connection to water.  This is done in commeration of World Water Day.  The cups helps The Human Bean to highlight our current water project in Florencia, Colombia which you can read more about HERE.

Sustain Cup is Environmentally Friendly

Additionally these cups are reusable up to 30 times and also BPA free.  They are a great way to start getting your daily Human Bean drink in a reusable mug and doing your part for the environment.  In fact they are more affordable than your average travel mug.  Did you know that all paper cups are not recyclable?  There are more than 16 billion paper cups that are landfilled annually in the US alone.  With the Sustain Cup you’ll see 50% less environmental impact in just 10 uses compared to paper cups.  You’ll break even in only 4 uses.  This estimate is measured in carbon footprint across lifecycle.

Reuse, Recycle, Repeat

sustain cup

Reuse this cup over and over.  It’s dishwasher and microwave safe for hundreds of times!  Then when you are done with it, recycle.  This is a 100% recyclable cup.  It’s actually Upcyclable since it’s made of FDA food grade BPA-free material.  And then repeat, by letting us make your next cup.  Together we can turn old cups into new ones!  You can learn more about the Sustain Cup on their website as well.

Franchise Opportunities

We expect additional growth through approved franchisees throughout the nation. Moving forward, the brand will stay true to the successful operations on which The Human Bean was founded. With exceptional products, attractive and efficient facilities and an exceptionally trained and qualified team, we have the tools needed to be the consumers’ brand of choice. source tracking