Avery - A woman smiling for the camera - The Human Bean
  • Hometown:

    Greeley, Colorado

  • When You're Not at the Human Bean:

    You can usually find me with some friends or at the dance studio!

  • How You Ended Up Working at The Human Bean:

    My mom and I loved making trips to the Bean! I thought it would be an amazing place to work and my goodness was I right!

  • Favorite Human Bean Drink:

    My favorite drink is an Americano with sugar-free butterscotch and Irish cream! When I’m having a sweet tooth, I love our frozen hot chocolates with whip cream blended up inside!

  • Pets:

    A very excited golden retriever, Oliver

  • Favorite Memories/Customer Interactions:

    I see our customers everywhere! I love seeing them outside of the stand and making personal connections with them on a further level than just at the window.

  • A Unique Fact About You:

    I love food! I enjoy being in the kitchen trying new recipes for friends and family to enjoy! I also have an obsession with elephants. It is my dream to get close enough to touch one!

  • Why You Love Your Job:

    I love that the Bean has endless opportunities for all of their baristas. No matter what you are wanting to do, they will help you achieve your goals! This company really knows how to take care of their baristas and show their appreciation for each one of us!

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