• Hometown:

    When do I get to call myself a Coloradan? haha Been here for 18 years and loving it.

  • Favorite Place to Travel:

    Anywhere international

  • When You're Not at the Human Bean:

    When I’m not in the stands and building systems for our locations, I’m trying to find new ways to grow with my 2 boys, allowing them to push me to try new things. I in turn push them to enjoy what they have all around them and we garden, chase chickens, get loved on by our dogs, bike and jump into the lake on a whim. We try to let life set our path and then we decide what to do with what we are presented with.

  • Favorite Human Bean Drink:

    Our cold brew (made with a regional roast)

  • Favorite Part About Working at the Bean:

    I am in the fortunate position to hear from customers regularly – things that we have done to impress and things we have done that we can learn from. I love customer feedback and being able to recognize our amazing team of baristas for their excellence and make improvements in areas that we had oversight.

  • Pets:

    Two large newfies, 6 chickens and our first bee hive!

  • Favorite Memories/Customer Interactions:

    Everyday I see close friends that I met through the window I know what we do transcends the window

  • Why You Love Your Job:

    I love serving others – customers and coworkers source tracking