Kaitlin Keyes - A woman wearing a hat and smiling at the camera - The Human Bean
  • Hometown:

    Billings, Montana

  • Farthest Place Youv'e Traveled:

    New Zealand

  • When You're Not at the Human Bean:

    You can find me Kickboxing, Paddle boarding, Beering, Netflixing, Napping, Traveling

  • How You Ended Up Working at The Human Bean:

    I was moving to Colorado and my sister told me I should apply to work at her favorite coffee shop because the girls were really fun and nice and they made the best drinks, so I did, and here I am!

  • Favorite Human Bean Drink:

    Any of our Regional Roast brews with Snowy powder and a splash of cream.

  • Pets:

    A cat named Ferdinand.

  • Favorite Memories/Customer Interactions:

    I went to Mexico for vacation a few Aprils ago and this lady came up to me while I was eating dinner at the resort and says “This is kind of random, but don’t I know you from somewhere?”… she did! Turns out she is one of our regulars and was there with her family. It truly is a small world!

  • A Unique Fact About You:

    I love to try to new foods whenever I travel… I’ve eaten kangaroo, minke whale, reindeer, puffin, frog legs, conch, and salmon smoked in sheep dung! I’ve never been disappointed!

  • Why You Love Your Job:

    If it matters to you, it matters to them; they do more than just coffee.

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