Krista Sack - A woman posing for a picture - University of Northern Colorado
  • Hometown:

    Thornton, CO

  • When You're Not at the Human Bean:

    Being a mama to my 1-year-old son, Target (I am there so often you’d think I worked there!), crafting, or hanging out with family and friends.

  • How You Ended Up Working at The Human Bean:

    Long ago I had a college friend who worked at the very first Colorado location (Evans) and she told me I should apply for the new Fort Collins location. I did and got the job!

  • Favorite Human Bean Drink:

    A good ol’ mocha java with cream. Light Roasts are my favorite!

  • Favorite Part About Working at the Bean:

    The friendships I have made along the way, whether it be with co-workers, superiors, or customers. The bean tends to attract great people!

  • Pets:

    I have one wild and crazy min pin named Pickles.

  • Favorite Memories/Customer Interactions:

    When a customer brought a mini pig in the drive thru and let me feed it grapes! I love when unique pets come by! source tracking