Val Delisa - A woman smiling for the camera - The Human Bean
  • When You're Not at the Human Bean:

    I’m usually enjoying the outdoors with my dog, or visiting a brewery with my soon-to-be husband.

  • How You Ended Up Working at The Human Bean:

    After graduating from CSU, I needed a job, and quick! I applied to The Human Bean thinking it would be a temporary job, but fell in love with the company, people and being a barista! I’ve now been with The Bean for five years!

  • Favorite Human Bean Drink:

    I’m a bit of a coffee purist and prefer my coffee straight up ? I love our dark roast, however enjoy trying our Regional Roast that we rotate every few months.

  • Pets:

    I have a kitty named Louie and dog named Amber.

  • Favorite Memories/Customer Interactions:

    I treasure the regulars that I have known since I first started at the Bean. It is crazy to think that I have known them for five years! They are all so wonderful and I am lucky to be able to keep in touch with them!

  • A Unique Fact About You:

    I studied Arabic for three years in college. source tracking