Valandra - A woman in a black dress - The Human Bean
  • When You're Not at the Human Bean:

    When I’m not at the Bean you will most definitely find me at my apartment or with my family (: Relaxing is a big part of my day whenever I have time to do it.

  • How You Ended Up Working at The Human Bean:

    I ended working for the Human Bean my sophomore year of college. I had been looking for a job all summer and my mom suggested I apply at the Bean! I had only been there a few times but I decided to turn my resume in at Evans. I’ve been here ever since!

  • Favorite Human Bean Drink:

    My favorite drink at the Bean is definitely the Aztec Eggnog but with only a single shot of espresso and using the old mexi mocha chart….and of course a 20oz iced. But there are so many! I love adding all of our fun flavors to drip coffee and topping that with a healthy pour of cream.

  • Pets:

    I have one fur baby named Bennett Pascal. He’s a 3-year-old pit bull lab and he’s the cutest dog in the world.

  • A Unique Fact About You:

    A unique fact about me is that I’m 24 and still afraid of the dark. I have to sleep with a night light on still but I’m not ashamed.

  • Why You Love Your Job:

    The best part of my job is all of the customer interaction. It really makes the job worth it and totally fun. I don’t know if I could ever have a job where I wasn’t constantly interacting with someone source tracking