The Human Bean has been capitalizing on the growing premium beverage market for over twenty years. Join us in providing consistent & delicious products with exceptional customer service.  



Having operated successful drive-thrus for over 21 years, The Human Bean team offers the experience and expertise to assist you from start to finish.  

Once we have approved a location, we complete preliminary site plans to assure proper layout for the most efficient functionality. Our building designs come in both single and double-sided window configurations. We offer a modular building options or we can provide base building plans for a local general contractor to build.

The Human Bean doesn't charge an on-going royalty like most franchises.  This has allowed franchisees the potential to earn higher net incomes as a result of less money coming off the top.  

In addition, minimal overhead costs and efficiently built espresso drive-thrus allow greater flexibility to reinvest in each location leading to higher average unit volumes.

Through successfully operating our 13 high volume corporate espresso drive-thrus, The Human Bean franchise system is highly refined in drink preparation, specialty training and overall drive-thru operations.


Site Selection Assistance
Full Branding Package
Specialized Training & Support

Demo-graphical and road analysis using multiple platforms

Preliminary site plan design

Architectural renderings provided

Base LOI or base lease or purchase consultation

Cool trademarked name and logo

Full-service marketing team

Branded Arabica coffee blends from our Farm Friendly Direct programs

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3 weeks training for 2 people at corporate facilities in Oregon

Hands on drive thru-training

Systems and procedural training ranging from drink production, customer experience, inventory ordering, staffing, minor machine maintenance, and overall management processes.

Full equipment schedule for high volume drink production

Complete operations manual


Superior and consistent product

Unmatched customer experience created by knowledgeable and caring baristas

Technology focused

Site analysis and selection

Ease of entry and exit

High traffic volumes (at least 15,000 ADT)

There are many key components to a successful espresso drive-thru:

Our Numbers

No royalties allow franchisees the potential to enjoy higher incomes as a result of less money coming off the top.

In addition, compared to other franchise operations, drive-thrus minimal overhead costs and efficient operations allow the potential of greater flexibility to reinvest in the franchisee’s business.

Average Unit Volume

Average Labor Cost



*Figures reflect historical financial performance data based on the unaudited financial statements of thirteen (13) affiliate-owned stores for the 12-month period ending December 31, 2018, as published in Item 19 of our June 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document. 

The Human Bean Franchise

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No Royalty So Our Franchisees Can Enjoy Higher Net Incomes

We Work With You As a Partner With Full Training & Support

Average Unit Volumes That Beat The Competition


#2 Ranked Coffee Franchise

Top Franchise 2011 - 2020

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