The Human Bean App

Published on January 6, 2020 | by FrankSherman | in | Comments Off on The Human Bean App

Is your car or wallet suffering from punch card overload? Simplify how you receive Human Bean rewards by downloading The Human Bean App.


  • Customers can use The Human Bean app at any northern Colorado location as payment and to earn rewards, or just for rewards. 
  • When using The Human Bean app, the reward system replaces our traditional punch card since rewards are automatically earned through the app whenever you use it. 
  • If you love using our traditional punch card, that’s great! We will still continue to hand out, accept and punch our traditional punch cards anytime the app is not used. 



  • $5 reward credit for every $55 spent – never expires
  • $2 referral credit when you refer a friend – credit expires after 30 days
  • $2 sign up credit – expires after 30 days
  • Free birthday drink (up to $7 credit) as long as you have downloaded the app and used it at least 3 days prior to your birthday – expires after 30 days
  • Double punch Wednesday, is also double rewards Wednesday!



  • How do I get started with The Human Bean App?
    • Step 1: Download the App
      Search for the “Human Bean App” in the Apple App Store (IOS) or the Google Play Store (Android) or use the following links. Apple App Store (IOS) or the Google Play Store (Android)
    • Step 2: Create an Account
      Click “Get Started” and enter an email address along with your personal information.
    • Step 3: Link Payment Method
      User may link a debit or credit card to their app account. You can choose “Auto Reload” or “Bill Instantly”.
    • Step 4: Visit and Earn Rewards
      Visit your favorite location. Choose “Pay in Store”. Then choose “Scan to Pay and Earn Rewards” QR code or “Scan to Earn Rewards On
  • How safe is using the app?
    • Paying with the app is as safe as using your credit card or better. LevelUp (the app builder/processor) uses bank-grade infrastructure and maintains compliance with the latest security (PCI) standards. Using the QR code to pay means your credit card number is never exposed to anyone. If you want to learn more about how we protect you, please visit
  • Which card is charged when I use the app?
    • You can see which card you are using in the app in Settings > Manage Cards.
  • How do I know if I have credits on my account?
    • The “Rewards” screen will show you all of the credits that are available.
  • Why didn’t I get my free birthday drink?
    • You must download the app and use it once at least 3 days prior to your birthday. When you have used the app at least once before your birthday, you will receive the email with the birthday drink reward available to redeem.  You will have 30 days to use the free birthday drink reward before it expires.
  • How do I load money onto the app?
    • At this time we cannot load money on to the app at any of our locations. However, you can load money on the app through the app itself.
  • How can I redeem my rewards
    • App users can choose when to use rewards. Rewards can only be redeemed if the toggle is set to “on” in the rewards section of the app. If the toggle is “on,” rewards will automatically be redeemed. If the toggle is “off” you can save rewards but many do expire at a certain time. source tracking