Visiting the Origin of Our Regional Roast: Guatemala

Published on June 1, 2017 | by FrankSherman | in , | Comments Off on Visiting the Origin of Our Regional Roast: Guatemala

The Human Bean is proud to serve our customers only the highest quality coffee. A team of our baristas recently had the unique opportunity to visit the El Paternal Estate, a coffee farm in Guatemala that has supplied us with beans for more than a decade. Here is some insight into their journey.

Our baristas developed a whole new sense of respect for the coffee they brew as they got their hands dirty and helped the local farmers gather beans. One thing that struck them as most remarkable was the attitude of the workers who performed extensive manual labor every day. The genuine gratitude toward their estate owner, a recent widow named Miguelina, was truly moving. We watched as one worker after another came forward to shake her hand and pay their respects.

Miguelina is devoted to her workers and has built facilities for them to enjoy a quality of life that is not often found in this line of work. A true testament to the strong bond between workers and Miguelina took place long ago when Guatemala was torn by guerilla warfare. A large militant group broke into her estate looking for any reason to kill her and her family and take over the coffee farm. Each worker stood up for her and noted her kindness and goodwill, thus sparing Miguelina’s and her family’s lives.

It is with great joy that we serve coffee that comes from this incredible farm. Our next regional roast from Guatemala will be making its debut in our stands in June 2017. Rainforest Alliance Certified and FFD, this bean from the northern region of Guatemala is a truly delightful single origin with a delicate fruity taste; clean, smooth and crisp; with a distinct acidity and pleasingly sweet finish. The light roast preparation of this bean best exemplifies the flavors we love about this coffee in this region.

We take great pride in the FFD mark that accompanies each of our beans, and a recent trip to origin by a team of our local baristas brought deeper meaning to this marking. We not only hear about how our direct relationship with this farm makes a difference, we were able to see it. In 1999, we funded and built a water treatment facility that is still a valuable asset on the estate today. The consistent purchasing of the beans means that the estate can do more to increase the quality of the beans and the lives of those that harvest them. source tracking