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5 Signature Drinks To Perk Up Your Coffee Routine

We’re going to let you in on a little secret — the fall-favorite Pumpkin Snowy is actually available year-round. That’s right! No waiting until August for this seasonal drink’s return. You can add pumpkin to any drink year-round at The Human Bean (and by the way, we totally recommend it with the earthy, spicy Chai).

Which has us thinking…some of our signature, year-round drinks are due for some time in the spotlight. As much as we love putting a seasonal stamp on brand new drinks with smashing flavors, we also love serving up the classics. You know, the go-tos. The tried-and-trues. The shoo-ins.

So here they are! Our top five beloved signature drinks and some fun facts to pair (because who doesn’t love a good drink pairing?).



Smooth and dreamy (just like boy bands in the 90s), the Snowy will make you want to stay in your PJs all day and keep the indulgence going. Maybe with a good book or movie – you choose. There’s ‘snow’ better way to satisfy your hankering for smooth white chocolate and premium espresso. And did we mention you can add pumpkin year-round, too? Yes, yes you should.

Fun Fact:  The Snowy is named after the local ski hill near The Human Bean Support Center.  Cheers to you, Mt. Ashland!



Sometimes simple is best. Like when it comes to pop quizzes or trying a new language on vacation (“Un cafe, por favor?”). The Granita is our signature frozen espresso drink that is creamy, sweet and refreshing. It’s the right choice when the occasion calls for cooling down and perking up (with any number of espresso shots needed). And if you’re in the mood for a little something “extra” you can always add your favorite flavor to make it uniquely yours.

Fun Fact: The origin of the granita can be traced back 4,000 years. We have a feeling ice was harder to crush without high-speed blenders back then.



Ghirardelli rhymes with…hmmm, not much. So when we say the Java Chip is made with rich, irresistible, premium Ghirardelli chocolate, you know you heard us right. It’s a delightfully crunchy addition to any drink at The Human Bean, definitely when you want to sip your drink and eat it too.

Fun Fact: We like crunching so much that we add a milk-and-white-chocolate-covered espresso bean on top of every drink. And we’ve done so every day since opening our first stand in 1998.



Maybe it’s a little extra chilly in the morning, or maybe it’s fall and you’re crushing on everything cinnamon (been there). In any case, the Mexi Mocha is the perfect choice for warming you up from the inside out. Or if you really want to treat your senses, try it iced or blended! Cold drink, warm spices…can’t lose.

Fun Fact: Our Mexi Mocha is made with dark cocoa, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a special blend of exotic spices. The bonus ingredient is the smile from your barista when they’re making it,  because they know how much you’re about to love your drink.



All coffee aside, we’re best known by some for our fruity, refreshing, invigorating Infused Energy drinks. We’ve heard it said that it’s like “sipping on sunshine” (their words, not ours, but we like it). We feature specialty flavors each summer, like Smashmelon and Peach Perfect, but we also really like seeing what our customers come up with on their own. Coconut Strawberry Guava, yes please.

Fun Fact: Infused Energy drinks can come iced or blended, or we can even mix them in with real-fruit smoothies. Add whip cream on top and you’ve officially channeled a summer beach day of Mamma Mia! proportions.



Which signature drink from The Human Bean have you tried? Or customized with your favorite flavors? Or ordered so many times that it’s your nickname when you pull up to your favorite stand? Hi there, Blended Decaf Pumpkin Snowy with Whip! We’d love to hear on your next visit, or give us a shout on our Facebook and Instagram pages.