1998 – First Drive-Thrus Open 

The Human Bean serves the very first cups with beans on top in Ashland and Central Point, Oregon.

2003 – First Franchise Opens

Customers in Klamath Falls, Oregon get a first taste of The Human Bean.

2004 – First Drive-Thru Outside of Oregon 

Drive-thru coffee with a sweet treat on top makes a splash in Evans, Colorado. 

2005 – First Coffee for a Cure Event

What is now our biggest give back day of the year, Coffee for a Cure began to support people with breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and education.

2008 – Java Chip Debuts

Our signature Java Chip, made with Ghirardelli dark chocolate, is a crunchy, chocolaty addition to The Human Bean menu. 

2013 –  First Food Drive and Earth Day 

Our givebacks grow and The Human Bean drive-thrus around the U.S. hold the first annual Food Drive and Earth Day — supporting causes that make a difference in our communities.

2015 – First Mochas for Men 

Let’s hear it for the boys! The Mochas for Men giveback day launches to help bring awareness to men’s health issues, like cancer and preventable diseases. 

2016 – New Logo 

The Human Bean gets a fresh face with fonts and colors that reflect our culture, values and community.

The Human Bean App Rewards

2018 - Rewards App Launches

Our punch cards get a digital facelift with The Human Bean Rewards App, making it easier to track purchases, redeem points, and earn more back.

2021 – Cold Foam Debuts

Keepin’ it cool, the Cold Brew gets topped with delicious Cold Foam on top — always hand-made to order. 

2022 – Rewards Get Bigger

Over 500,000 app users get rewards like free birthday drinks, Double Reward Wednesdays, and refer-a-friend credits. 

2023 – 280* Locations

The Human Bean spans over 260+* drive-thru locations open or in development in 23 states. And when hundreds of stores turn into thousands, we’ll continue always treating people like real Human Beans. *172 open, 25 signed and 69 planned by area development

2023 - 25th Birthday!

The Human Bean celebrates its 25th birthday!

New Bright Energy - Clean Caffeine by The Human Bean - Poolside and Smashmelon

2024 - Bright® Energy Debuts

Our new proprietary energy drink has an innovative formula made with clean caffeine sourced from green coffee beans and a special vitamin blend.

2025 & Beyond