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5 Valentine's Day Drinks to Sip and Swoon


February is love month! Whether you’re spending the days leading up to Valentine’s Day with your favorite date partner, your kiddos, gal pals or new-found friends, there are so many ways to celebrate. And while flowers and teddy bears are great (and we love a good box of candy conversation hearts), we’re excited to serve up the tasty side of the holiday. 

We’re sharing our top five picks for Valentine’s Day drinks from The Human Bean! Sip to your heart’s desire with flavors that make you go, mmmmmmmm. If you’re a chocolate lover, we’ve got you covered. If fruit is your main squeeze, we have juicy twists for you, too.

Come try a new sweet treat on your next drive-thru visit in February!

Double Chocolate Mocha

Chocolate, you mocha me so happy. For chocolate lovers, what could be better than a Valentine’s Day mocha? We’ll tell you. It’s the Double Chocolate Mocha with extra chocolate sauce swirled in (and did we mention the chocolate-covered espresso bean on top?). It’s a delectable delight for yourself or your surprise best friend Gal-entine. Order yours hot, iced or blended.

Strawberry Smoothie 

Is there anything as classically delicious as a Strawberry Smoothie? When you’re a kid, the answer is no. No there’s not. Whether you’re treating your Little Bean to a sweet Valentine’s Day treat or fueling your own day with a real-fruit blend, it’s a frozen drink that’s sure to melt hearts. 

Berry Frozen Hot Chocolate

Whether you prefer your desserts fruity or chocolatey, this is a drink you’re sure to love berry much. We’ve taken our frozen hot chocolate — with rich cocoa and a creamy base — and swirled in our real fruit strawberry puree. Need an extra boost to go the distance on Valentine’s Day? Add a scoop of protein! 


Be still my heart — a strawberry and vanilla mocha! Chocolate and rich espresso dance with strawberries and cream in this swoon-worthy creation. It’s sweet, luxurious, and the perfect gift for that one person you know who loves Neapolitan ice cream (we all know one!). It’s three lovable flavors, available three ways: hot, iced or blended. 

Coral Reef Bright Energy®

Looking for something BRIGHT and refreshing to fuel all of your Valentine’s Day adventures? Pair your plans with the Coral Reef Bright Energy — pink, energizing, and refreshing (available iced or blended). Sip on a mood-boosting blend of Blackberry, Pomegranate, Peach and Guava. The combination of clean caffeine and vitamins will have you feeling all the love…for yourself and your Valentines.

How will you make Valentine’s Day yours, truly?

Celebrate Valentine’s Day your way at The Human Bean! Our baristas are so happy to mix and match your most-loved flavors to make a trip through the drive-thru the highlight of your holiday.