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Counting Our Lucky Beans: A 2022 Recap

The year is winding down, and we're sipping Candied Peppermint Mochas thinking about all the good this past year has brought to The Human Bean family. From record-breaking event days to real stories of kind human beans, we're looking back on all the ways this year has been made better because of you. In the spirit of gratitude and celebration, we're counting our lucky beans and sharing highlights from 2022 — cheers to you!

Special Drinks Made a Splash

Whether you're a steadfast almond-milk-decaf-latte kind of person, or you like to try what's new on the seasonal (or secret) menu, one thing can be certain — our baristas had a blast dishing out your favorite drinks throughout the year! We've heard from the masses, and here were the 2022 chart toppers:

Sweet & Salty Granita

This drink cooled, satisfied, and headlined in August and September as our newest autumn creation. Keep an eye out for its return next year!

Signature Snowy

In this year's March Mocha Madness battle, the Signature Snowy was the clear winner. There's something about the blend of smooth Ghirardelli white chocolate with rich espresso.

Vanilla Cold Brew with Cherry Blossom Foam

The perfect drink for thinking pink! Created for Coffee for a Cure, this bold and robust slow-brewed coffee was flavored with vanilla, then poured over ice and topped with a mellowing layer of cherry blossom foam.

You Made Our Giveback Days Extra Sweet

Our giveback days are the highlights of every season. They’re a time to come together with our communities and give to something great — while enjoying a delicious drink from The Human Bean. This year we raised more than ever with your help! Here are the highlights:

Earth Day

With your purchases on Earth Day, we were able to plant 67,075 trees through Trees for the Future! This program helps promote sustainable farming practices in coffee communities around the world.

Mochas for Men

In June during Men’s Health Month, we were able to raise over $20,000 to support early testing and treatment of cancer for men. Each drive-thru location gave $1 for every drink sold to a local organization of their choice.

Annual Food Drive

On average, $1 is able to purchase 3 meals for food banks across the country. That means, your visits on our 13th annual giveback Food Drive day in August helped fund 181,068 meals for those in need across the country.

Coffee for a Cure

Our 17th annual Coffee for a Cure event raised a record-breaking $437,531.10 in October. Thank you for your support on this special day! The grand total for this ongoing giveback day is now $3,095,343.99. Help us break the $3.5 million mark next October!

New Locations Opened with More Kind Human Beans

From Colorado Springs to Lake City, FL, The Human Bean is popping up in more and more locations around the country. That means more chocolate covered espresso beans, more giveback fundraising, and more smiling faces at the 146 drive-thrus serving human ‘beans’ in their communities. Drive-thrus are owned and operated by independent business owners, meaning you’ll see familiar faces from your community when you stop by, and the money raised during giveback days stays local. Find a drive-thru near you!

It Was About More Than Coffee

Our baristas get to hear about your day, your weekend plans, your coworkers’ favorite drinks — and at times you’ve shared even more. Our mission is to put a little delight in your day, and sometimes that little moment can make a big difference.

This year, one story stuck out to us from Katie Field in Rocklin, CA.

During Covid, my 84 year old father had a stroke and we had to place him in a memory care facility in Rocklin, as he also suffers from Alzheimer’s. Every weekend I go visit him and bring a vanilla shake from various locations in Rocklin. Today I brought him a Human Bean Vanilla Smoothie and have to share with you that he thought this was the “best vanilla shake” that he has ever had! He was also very intrigued with the Human Bean name and logo so we ended up going on my iPhone and looking at the company logo on the website, as well as the drink menu. I was also able to share with him the story of the signature coffee bean on top of each drink. Your drink made for a wonderful morning with my dad and gave us some opportunities to have some great conversation as well as keeping him engaged with technology. Thank you for creating a memory that he may not remember but I certainly will! Enjoy the photos and thanks again! #EndAlz

Katie’s story and others remind us why we’re here — the human connection that thrives over shared cups of goodness. We’re real people, serving other real people, and it’s the moments of joy we’re striving for with every pour.

Share Your 2022 Highlights

We’d love to hear about what you did this year with The Human Bean in your hand! Did you try a new hobby, visit loved ones, treat your coworkers, or take time to yourself to enjoy a small moment of happiness? If you have a story to share, please tag us on Facebook or Instagram, or use #KindHumanBean!