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Level Up Your Classic Faves

What’s new and topping The Human Bean menu boards starting in February? They’re two next-level luscious treats to swoon over — perfect for self-indulging and sharing with a friend!

We’ve created two updated classic drinks with nostalgia in mind, offering exciting alternatives to long-time favorites (speaking of alternatives, always feel free to ask your barista about dairy-free and decaf options, too!).

The Human Bean Java Chip with Real Caramel

Java Chip with Real Caramel
Elevate your Java Chip experience with a delightful twist of real caramel. Dark chocolate Java Chips take on a whole new dimension as they mingle with the crave-worthy sweetness of caramel, transforming a classic into a swirl of sweet sophistication.

The Human Bean Irish Cream Mocha

Irish Cream Mocha
Your luck just got a delicious upgrade with our reimagined Irish Cream Mocha! Blending the classic charm of Irish cream flavor with rich espresso and the luxurious new addition of rich chocolate milk, this elevated favorite is a creamy delight that transcends the ordinary. 

Your barista can’t wait to share these mash-ups of our customers’ tried-and-true favorites. Whether you’re an Irish Cream or Java Chip lover — or you’re looking to branch out with a scrumptious new treat — we know you’ll be delighted at first sip.

What will you pair with your twisted classic while they last? Maybe volleyball with a beach ball? A grilled cheese sandwich as dessert? Breakfast for dinner? Goat yoga? Let your imagination run wild and add a twist of flair to the things you love most — with a delish drink from The Human Bean in hand.

The Java Chip with Real Caramel and Irish Cream Mocha will be featured as specials through April 2, 2024. Order yours at your favorite stand soon (and we’ll always top off the flavor with a chocolate-covered espresso bean)!