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New Year, New Bright® Energy

A fresh and flavorful blend is making a debut at The Human Bean — meet Bright® Energy! Be among the first to try this mood-boosting medley that packs a punch with clean caffeine from green coffee beans. It’s our house-created formula for longer, sustained energy with a cool burst of flavor. 

It’s energy done Bright®!

Our new, innovative formula is made with clean caffeine and an antioxidant-rich, sustaining energy blend of B6 and B12 vitamins, Ginseng Root, and L-Carnitine. What’s clean caffeine, you ask? We source green coffee beans from the same producers we’ve worked with for years, meaning we feel great about the growing practices they use. Other caffeine sources can be exposed to harsh chemicals and are often unregulated. We wanted to create an energy drink we would feel great about serving and drinking!

Fuel up with a boost from over 28 mouthwatering flavor additions and three Bright Energy bases: Original, Lime and Sugar-Free. All Bright Energy drinks can be made iced or blended.

We’re debuting Bright Energy at The Human Bean with two must-try combos:


Two refreshing fruit flavors — Strawberry and Watermelon — come together to hash it out on the ice. Order this pink, peppy combo with your choice of Bright Energy Original or Sugar-Free base. 


The Poolside delights and refreshes with Coconut and Blue Raspberry over a Bright Energy Lime base. Grab a floaty and make a splash with this energizing cooler, iced or blended!

Come get a taste of cool convenience and Bright Energy flavor, mixed into mood-boosting blends that are uniquely you! With near-infinite flavor combinations, you can get tropical, fruity, fresh and invigorated in new ways at The Human Bean.

We love making your drinks just right for you! Which Bright Energy combo will you try first? Where will it take you? Hop on our Instagram or Facebook page and let us know! #BrightEnergy